BFRO is developing
this concept for an internet TV series
Dear DJI folks, we should talk!

The Finding Bigfoot team wants to do another TV series, but different from the first.

It will be unscripted but the emphasis will be bigfoot expeditions using various types of drones, day and night, along with coordinated BFRO ground teams.

This approach will reveal much more wildlife, and will showcase more of the talent in the organization.

See the video above for a sample of the content. It was a live event.

The concept could be adapted to regular cable TV or streaming. Either way it will be totally unique, and will have global reach.

And it will sell a lot of drones (so please reach out, DJI people !!).

If you can help us develop this into a series please email us at or


... and while you are here please enjoy Bobo Storytime (courtesy of